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Rates & Disclaimer

Most scheduled appointment times are between 90 to 120 minutes. 


Please Note:

  • A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule

  • Please complete the client information and responsibility form and email it back 24 hours before your session. 


Rates are as follows:

  • Individual client session €75

  • Optimising and Energiesing €75

  • Space clearing €75 



We accept Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal as payment.


Cancellation Policy 

Please contact me by SMS or WhatsApp 24 hours before cancelling or rescheduling. If you do not show up for your scheduled session appointment or have not notified me before the cancellation period, there will be a penalty to pay the session's full cost.


Booking Policy

Bookings close one day before the session starts.


Drug and Alcohol Policy 

The use of alcohol, psychedelic drugs, or medical marijuana will not be permitted before or during a session, as it may weaken their energy system's impacted state.


Disclaimer: VortexHealing® is a complementary energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive. "VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All Rights Reserved.


Questions? Please contact me for further information.

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